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August 22, 2014
MultitrackStudio for iPad 1.4 released

June 30, 2014
MultitrackStudio 7.71 released

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Pseudo Stereo

The Pseudo Stereo effect converts a mono signal to stereo using a filter.

Pseudo Stereo window
Pseudo Stereo window

Two filter types are available:

  • Shelve: Low frequencies are directed to the left channel, high frequencies are directed to the right channel. The Color knob controls the crossover-frequency.
  • Comb: A delayed signal is added to the left channel and subtracted from the right channel. The Color knob controls the distance between the notches of the comb filter.

The Spread knob controls the resulting stereo width. The Reverse button reverses the left and right channels.

The effect doesn't do anything if the input signal is stereo. The Pseudo Stereo effect is mono compatible (if the stereo outputs are summed the resulting signal is equal to the original mono input signal).

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