Audio/MIDI multitrack recording software
Manual : Audio to MIDI Plugins

Audio to MIDI Plugins

Some plugins can convert audio to MIDI. This is typically used for playing MIDI instruments using an electric guitar.

You can use these plugins in MultitrackStudio like this:

  1. Add an audio track, and load the plugin in one of the effect slots.
  2. Switch the track to Practice Mode. You can doubleclick its Play button to do this.
  3. Enable Soft Monitoring.
  4. Engage the Rec button of the MIDI track you'll be recording.
The MIDI track now responds to the audio input, and you can start transport to actually record it as MIDI,

This MIDI output is merged with the data coming from MIDI input devices if the plugin is in a recording audio track and Soft Monitoring is enabled.

MIDI 2.0 / MPE

MIDI output from audio effect plugins is only converted from MPE to MIDI 2.0 if the plugin either sends MPE configuration messages (RPN 6) or reports it supports MPE (as per the MPE specs).