Audio/MIDI multitrack recording software
Manual : Collapsing Mixer Sections

Collapsing Mixer Sections

Mixer sections can be collapsed in order to save space on the screen. This can be useful if the song contains a large number of tracks. Sections can be collapsed, and expanded again, by leftclicking the small button in the top-right corner of the section. While collapsed only the section's name is visible, all controls are hidden.

More powerful options are available if you rightclick (Windows) / Ctrl-Click (Mac) the button:

  • Expand/collapse all sections
  • Expand related sections only (appears on tracks and groups): expand all sections contributing to the sound of the current one and collapse all other sections.
  • Expand/collapse same color tracks only (appears on tracks): expand all tracks having the same color as the current one and collapse all other tracks.

You can collapse/expand all same color tracks by pressing the Alt key while clicking the button.