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Manual : Remote Control Bar

Remote Control Bar

Cheaper remotes typically don't feature a display, therefore it's difficult to see what a knob's function is. MultitrackStudio features a Remote Control Bar at the bottom of the screen. It can be made visible using the Studio menu's Remote Control window.

Remote Control Bar, strip 6 is being remapped
Remote Control Bar, strip 6 is being remapped

The Remote Control Bar has eight sections (or more, depending on the number of mixer sections or effect knobs the remote control uses). These sections show the names of the mixer sections that are controlled by the corresponding remote control channel strips. The vertical line on the right can be moved to align the bar with the remote. The name of the current View is shown on the righthand side. This typically indicates the function of the remote's rotary knobs (Pan, Effect Send 1 etc.).

If an effect window is currently visible the names of the effect knobs will be shown, provided the remote is set up to control effects.

Mapping Mixer Sections

Songs can have more mixer sections than the available number of remote control channel strips. Traditionally remotes have bank up/down and/or section up/down buttons so any number of mixer sections can be accessed. These buttons can be used with MultitrackStudio.

In addition MultitrackStudio lets you freely map mixer sections to remote control channel strips in any order. There are several ways to do this:

  • Click the Remote Control Bar and use the selector window that pops up.
  • Drag items within the Remote Control Bar.
  • Drag a mixer section to the Remote Control Bar.
  • Drag en item from the Remote Control Bar to the Garbage Bin to unmap.
  • Use remote control knobs. A very convenient setup can be achieved with rotary knobs which also have a push function:
    • Map the rotary function to Selector Up/Down actions.
    • Map the push function to Section Map and Selector Accept actions.
    On pressing the knob a selector window appears which can be controlled using the knob. Note that the knob can still be used to control mixer section and/or effect controls as well.
Your custom mapping will be lost when you press the remote's bank up/down or section up/down buttons.

Mapping Effect Control

Controls of the currently visible effect window can be mapped to Effect Knob actions. Banks can be used if the number of controls exceeds the number of knobs. Controls can be mapped dynamically just like mixer sections, the only difference is that you can't drag an effect control to the Remote Control Bar.

Tip: tweak an effect control using the mouse, and then click the Remote Control Bar. The effect control is now highlighted in the selector window, and you can click OK to map it.

All instances of a particular type of effect share the same mapping, eg. if you change the mapping of an EQ all other EQs will be affected as well.