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Manual : Doubler


Doubler window
Doubler window
The Doubler emulates "Artificial Double Tracking" as it was done with tape recorders in the sixties. It is typically used on vocal tracks to make the vocals sound a bit 'fatter'.

The Doubler mixes a delayed copy of the signal with the original signal. The delay time is modulated with a randomized triangle wave. This results in slight timing and pitch differences between the two voices.

The Delay knob sets the average delay time. Low delay values result in a 'fatter' voice rather than two separate voices. High delay values result in two separate voices. The Speed and Depth knob control the modulation.

The Mix knob sets the dry/wet ratio (0% being dry only, 100% being wet only). Lower values result in a subtle thickening of the sound without noticeable doubling.

If you want to pan the two voices to a different position in the stereo image you can use a Stereo Effect. Load a Doubler in one channel and set its Mix control to 100%. You can then use the Stereo Effect's Pan controls.

The Doubler effect can also model sixties style phasing/flanging effects, since these were done with tape recorders in a similar setup as well. The following settings can be used as a starting point for this:
Speed=0.18 Hz, Depth=1.5 ms, Delay=2 ms, Mix=46%, Phase Invert=On.

The Phase Invert button inverts the phase of the delayed signal. This results in a different sound, particularly at lower delay settings.