Audio/MIDI multitrack recording software
Manual : Effect Automation

Effect Automation

The rotary knobs of all audio effects can be automated. The Band Effect, the Convolutor's Delay knob and the Guitar Amp's Cntr/Edge and Output knobs can't be automated. The Compressor's Autogain button has no effect if the Threshold, Ratio or Gain knobs are automated. The Arpeggiator (MIDI effect) can't be automated either.

'Delay' type knobs may cause glitches while turning. It's best to move these knobs in a quiet part. This applies to the following knobs:

  • Chorus, Doubler, Echo, Flanger: Delay.
  • Master Limiter: Ahead.
  • Reverb: Predelay.
  • Pseudo Stereo: Color (Comb mode only)
  • Vibrato: all.
  • Guitar Amp: Cntr/Edge (not a 'delay type knob', but it does glitch)
  • Phaser: Notches (not a 'delay type knob', but it does glitch)


AU, CLAP and VST plugins can be automated too. CLAP/VST3 plugin controls can have a 'Show automation editor' option in their rightclick menu if the plugin supports this. If that's not the case you can rightclick the right hand side of the effect window (the area where the Bypass button is), and use 'Show automation editor' from the menu that appears.

Tip: click a control before popping up the automation editor. The editor will now show this parameter.

Knob movements can be recorded while the transport is running, just like MultitrackStudio's own faders and rotary knobs.

A multiple output AU / CLAP / VST plugin's output mixer can be automated too.