Elektron devices, Overbridge and MTS

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Elektron devices, Overbridge and MTS

Post by NoTech » Mon Jun 15, 2020 6:22 am

Good day,
Does anyone have any thoughts on the compatibility of MTS Pro (personally I am running on a MacBook Pro with enough power, etc) with my Elektron Digitakt and Elektron's computer interface software, Overbridge? I have made some novice/early attempts, with a couple of crashes so far.

When I try to 'create a song' on MTS with my Digitakt connected, MTS gives me the message:

"The selected device does not support the song's sample rate (44100 Hz) The samplerate will be set to 48000 Hz." I click 'okay'/continue..

..Then, when I load/operate the Elektron Digitakt as a VST/Plugin via the Overbridge program (which allows many audio options) in an audio track, and adjust the 'play' button so I can get audio/listen to the machine, MTS instantly crashes everytime. Sometimes I can't get the DT or Overbridge up in MTS, before the crash.

Can anyone clue me in on what settings I may be missing, etc.?

https://www.elektron.se/support/?connec ... ge#manuals


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Re: Elektron devices, Overbridge and MTS

Post by sinbad » Sun Jun 21, 2020 10:16 am

Did you set the song settings to 48000Hz before you connected the Overbridge?

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