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Arturia SW instrument input: simple question?

Posted: Sun Dec 20, 2020 6:52 am
by NoTech
I have a novice(?) question.
I am using MTS Pro on my MacBook Pro, running High Sierra 10.13.6. and I just successfully downloaded Arturia's JUN 6 software synth.
I have managed (via my uneducated stumbling), to get the Arturia synth to operate in a MTS Pro ~MIDI~ track. However what I would endlessly prefer (if I may), is to have the software instrument appear/come through as a ~straight audio signal coming from the software instrument (standalone/VST?) into a MTS Pro audio track.
I have tried getting this done by 'placing' the Arturia into an audio effect window as an 'AU(?)' but the system forces me to activate it in a MIDI window, which I ~do not~ want.
Although I may not be understanding the technology properly, it seems that when I am operating in a MIDI track, the synth's functions aren't active.. I.e I can't 'tweak' EQ's/parameters on the synth and have them respond audibly in MTS's monitor.. Obviously that process may just be me needing to work more on it- but for now I'd prefer to operate the synth straight into an audio track.

Can anyone offer a simple, straightforward, way I can/should attempt to achieve this?

Thank you, health, to Giels and the MTS team and community,