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midi controller choice...

Posted: Mon Dec 21, 2020 6:03 pm
by bricefa33
I would like to buy a good quality midi controller with good configuration flexibility and enough controllers. My choice : Allen&Heath Zone K2 or Midi fighter twister or Faderfox UC4 or EC4. Opinions of people who use them? Preference for the K2 because it has pots, sliders and switches.
I want the controller mapping to be fast without handling a multitude of configuration backups.
I would like to be sure before buying one of these controllers that it will work perfectly with the multitrackStudio remote control functionality (use settings for mapping). I haven't an midi controller, so I couldn't test this function and see how it works.

Re: midi controller choice...

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2021 6:46 pm
by bricefa33
Hello and happy new year to all of you,

Finally I bought the midi fighter twister controller from DJ Tech Tools. It works great with MTS. The only fighter twister function that I failed to use with the mts remote control is the combination of button and simultaneous click !?
Understanding how to use the MTS remote is not easy. The manual is a bit light on the subject. Examples with illustrations would have been practical.
You have to understand the articulation of the views, mixer sections and effects buttons and manage all this with the 4 banks of 16 buttons of the fighter twister. I have not yet finished my config to control 16 tracks and VST !

It would be cool in a future MTS version : more track colors (already requested from the support :) ) and to be able to modify the font size of the remote control bar. With 16 displayed parameters, their values ​​are no longer visible.