Doctor Who Theme Cover "One for Casual, One for Best"

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Doctor Who Theme Cover "One for Casual, One for Best"

Post by protozone » Wed May 16, 2018 4:23 am


I've been gone for a really long time, but I came back.
I will probably be repurchasing MTS next month (assuming I can obtain a system to put it on).

Here's an old tune that turned out really well that I made in MultitrackStudio Pro Plus:

It's a cover of the BBC Doctor Who TV show themesong, originally composed and constructed by Delia Derbyshire.
My version is a spinoff of the 1980's interlude/themesong/motif: ... ad/245.mp3

It's called "One For Casual, One For Best" because in a particular episode, it is revealed that Doctor has two hearts:
one for casual use, one for "best" (when he needs extra abilities/capabilities, or a backup). I think it was an episode with Romana in E Space.
Romana is the character who explains this phenomenon after a significant win.

Anyways, it's a free download from

I will post up more material after I get MTS going again, probably on a Windows XP system, if I can make a fresh install of Windows XP SP2.
In the meantime, here's some other stuff I did: (this is representative of my style) (main site; but I accidentally forgot my password) (recent leftovers, and new tunes)

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