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Have I Told You Lately

Posted: Wed Sep 04, 2019 11:16 am
by Drdrdaddeo
Latest MTS for iPad copy production by DK2 (Dave and Ken - Duo): Have I Told You Lately. ... you-lately. This adaptation of Rod Stewart’s classical hit features my musical partner, Dave Larroquette on lead vocal (Shure SM58 mic). This unfinished nine track song was as usual, produced entirely on MTS for iPad. Dave performed the guitar solo (Martin acoustic) while I orchestrated the piano, bass, organ, orchestra and percussion tracks using MIDI recording, sequence editing and playback through Korg Module (Natural Grand and Perc Organ) and Sample Tank (String Ensemble 2, Compressed Drum and picked Fender Jazz bass). Track effects include only minimal reverb and compression, with master compression and limiter added to the final mix. Three part backing vocals have not yet been added. A usual, all tracks and mixes were up- and down-loaded and saved as .m4a lossless files. 44.1 kz sample rate was used to accommodate use of Korg Pro Module (which plays completely out of tune at 48 kz) as a virtual MIDI instrument channeled into MTS via AudioBus 2.

Ken Hardy/Drdrdaddeo

Re: Have I Told You Lately

Posted: Thu Dec 05, 2019 6:52 pm
by fogle622
Listening to this right now. The backing tracks, especially the synth pads and piano sound good. The acoustic guitar is a little too processed for my taste. You put out some good music. You have a new fan.