Audio/MIDI multitrack recording software
Manual : Groups


Audio tracks can send their output straight to the Master section, or to a Group section. The Group section's output is routed to the Master section (they can be routed to sound device output channels as well using the Pro edition). Group sections can be added using the Add Track menu. A group can be removed by dragging the text on the left (Group 1 etc.) to the Garbage Bin.

Group sections have the following features:

Group section
Group section
  • Volume fader: This fader sets the volume for the group.
  • Mute button: Pressing this button will mute the group.
  • Solo button: Pressing this button will solo the group.
  • Pan: This knob (with a blue dot) sets the Pan position for the group.
  • Effect Send: An Effect Send knob determines the level of the (mono) signal sent to the corresponding Effect Return section. Effect Sends are of the 'post fader' (and 'post effects') type (the Effect Send signal is affected by the Volume fader, the Mute button and the effects).
  • Effect Slots: The Effect Slots can contain effects such as an EQ or a Compressor. Effects processing takes place before volume and pan processing, so compressor settings don't need any adjustments when moving the Volume Fader.
  • Output Selector (Pro edition only): The Output Selector determines the routing of the group's output. The output can be sent to the Master section or to a pair of channels (3/4, 5/6...) of the Audio Out Device (the Pan knob can be used to send the signal to one channel only). The selector does not appear if the song uses only one stereo output (see Song Properties).
  • Level Meter: The Level Meter shows the actual output level (that is the level after applying effects and volume/pan).

Care should be taken in situations where tracks routed through the group use the same Effect Sends: Effects in the group sections can cause phase shifts that could lead to unexpected coloration.

A Label can be stuck to a group section to show its purpose (ie. 'Backing Vocals').

The order in which the groups appear can be changed using drag-and-drop.