Audio/MIDI multitrack recording software

New in MultitrackStudio for iPad 4.6.1

  • Fixed: Document Picker didn't work in iPadOS 16.

New in MultitrackStudio for iPad 4.6

  • New Poly Modulator MIDI effect.
  • New Velocity Curve MIDI Effect.
  • Automation editors (Pro Extension), MIDI controller editors and Automated Fader effects: the Dots Editor window that pops up on clicking EDIT when multiple dots are selected can now generate Square waves. The Triangle option now has a Shape slider that can turn the triangle into a sawtooth.
  • Audio effects no longer emit old reverb tails etc. when the effect is un-bypassed.
  • Note Velocity Editor: with the Drum editor you can now make just a single instrument appear in the Note Velocity Editor by clicking an instrument name on the left (so it's highlighted).
  • Onscreen Midi Keyboard now keeps AU plugin loaded if you hide the keyboard, so it's immediately available when you open the keyboard again.
  • MIDI effects: 'Apply to track' option can now generate MIDI controllers etc. (it used to do notes only).
  • MultitrackStudio Instruments: synths respond to MIDI 2.0 per-note Timbre controllers (controls Resonance).
  • MultitrackStudio Instruments: synths respond to MIDI 2.0 per-note Attack and Decay controllers (values at start of note count).
  • MultitrackStudio Instruments respond to MIDI 2.0 per-note Release Time controller (value at note-off time counts).
  • MultitrackStudio Instruments: Electric pianos respond to note-off velocity.
  • Remote Control for transport ("MIDI Learn"). (requires Pro Extension)
  • iPadOS 16: layout takes Stage Manager's multitasking handle into account.
  • Fixed: Plugin Manager category selector menus didn't fit the screen if the number of categories was very high.
  • Fixed: issue with saving/loading MIDI patterns.

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