Audio/MIDI multitrack recording software

New in MultitrackStudio for iPad 4.3

  • Improved Apple Pencil support. It's no longer used for scrolling, this allows for the editors to work with significantly less press-and-hold operations. Just a few actions require pressing the pencil until the selector appears, most notably adding notes and selecting a part in a MIDI editor.
  • AU plugins that support the MIDI 2.0 protocol now receive MIDI 2.0 per-note controls instead of MPE. These plugins can receive MIDI 2.0 per-note pitch bend and all registered per-note controllers except for #3. (requires iPadOS 15)
  • Supports AU plugins that convert audio to MIDI.
  • Track name box menus now have Duplicate option. It creates a new track with a copy of this track's content.
  • Note Editor has per-note articulation setting. It's only available if articulations have been set up for the MIDI instrument.
  • Added 'Raw MIDI Channels' Articulation preset.
  • Audio can be copy/pasted (or dragged) from audio track editor to Automated Fader, MIDI controller and automation editors. The amplitude envelope or audio pitch will be converted to dots.
  • Dots Editor has new Invert action, it flips the dots vertically. Applies to Automated Fader, MIDI controller and automation editors.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for Multi MIDI Editor: Command-U = all MIDI tracks, Option-Command-U = MIDI tracks having same color as focused track. (Pro Extension)
  • Pianoroll: lassoing notes has been improved to work better with consecutive notes.
  • Fixed: MIDI Pattern Editor's Instance Transpose setting didn't work right for Poly Aftertouch, Per Note Pitchbend and Per Note Controllers.
  • Fixed: Issue with deleting lassoed notes in pianoroll/score editor.
  • Track Pack IAP is discontinued. Its features are now part of the Pro Extension.

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