Audio/MIDI multitrack recording software
Manual : Master


The Master section affects all Tracks, Groups and Effect Returns (except MIDI tracks using a External MIDI Instrument).

The Master section has the following features:

Master section with Master Limiter effect in last slot
Master section with Master Limiter effect in last slot
  • Volume fader: This fader sets the master volume.
  • Mute button: Pressing this button will mute everything.
  • Pan: This knob sets the master Pan position.
  • Mono button: Pressing this button forces mono output (both stereo channels carry the same signal). This can be used for checking mono compatibility.
  • Effect Slots: The Effect Slots can contain effects such as an EQ or a Compressor. Effects processing takes place after volume/pan processing, thus allowing the Master Limiter effect to clip at the correct level.
  • Level Meter: The Level Meter shows the actual output level (that is the level after applying effects and volume/pan). This means that the distortion takes place when the meter hits the red section.
  • View button: Shows/hides an oscilloscope view of the output signal.