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Manual : Matrix Sampler

Matrix Sampler

Matrix Sampler window
Matrix Sampler window
The Matrix Sampler can load up to 16 audio samples. They can be played using the Matrix onscreen keyboard for example.

A 4x4 matrix of cells appears on the left. On clicking one of the 16 cells the corresponding controls appear on the right. The Load button allows for loading samples. Several options are available:

  • Import an audio file.
  • Paste data copied from audio or MIDI track editor.
  • Remove.
In addition you can copy from one cell to another using drag-and-drop. Dropping a file on a cell is possible as well. Samples can be up to 6 seconds in length. If you have longer samples you can consider slicing them into parts using a track editor, the parts can then be loaded in multiple cells using the paste option.

The text box next to the load button shows the name of the cell, and allows for changing it. The name appears in the cell itself if a sample is loaded.

Volume controls the volume of the sample. Semitones and Cents control the pitch. Stretch can be used to make the sample shorter or longer, so it matches the song tempo. The box accepts fractions, so you can type '120/80' instead of '1.5' to make a 120 BPM sample match your 80 BPM song for example. If Oneshot is engaged the sample will play all the way to the end regardless of note-off messages.

You can use the play button to playback the sample.

The Matrix Sampler responds to messages on all MIDI channels, so the Channel value typically doesn't matter. It does matter if you're recording using the Keyboard Mapper's split option or multiple keyboards: in these situations you'll want only messages received on this channel to be recognized.

The Matrix Sampler supports the following MIDI messages:

  • Note On/Off
  • Volume (cont. 7)
  • Pan (cont. 10)
  • Expression (cont. 11)
  • Poly Aftertouch
  • MIDI 2.0 per-note volume
  • MIDI 2.0 per-note pan
  • MIDI 2.0 per-note expression

The cells are mapped to MIDI notes 36..51.