Audio/MIDI multitrack recording software
Manual : Multiple Takes

Multiple Takes

It typically requires more than one take to get a track right. MultitrackStudio offers two ways to record multiple takes:

  • Alternate Takes: a new file is created, the existing file is closed and the new one opened.
  • Partial Takes: the recording is recorded to a new file. When the transport is stopped the part is pasted in the existing track. It appears as a tweakable edit, so you can move or resize the new part.

There are basically two approaches to multiple take recordings:

  • Use alternate takes and decide which parts to use afterwards ("track comping"):
    Record some takes until you think all parts are played OK at least once. Then use the track's file options menu to load the takes one by one to determine which is the best. Other takes can be loaded in new tracks via rightclicking them in the file options menu. Then the part you want to copy can be dragged from the track's editor to the track containing the best take. Note that track comping using partial takes is possible as well. Clicking one in the file options menu opens it in a new track.
  • Use partial or punch in takes and make all decisions immediately:
    Record a full take, and then record partial takes over the weak parts. You can select the part first and then record it (punch in recording), or you can record the part and then tweak the selected part in the editor to only contain the part you want (partial take). If the new take is not successful you can use the track editor's Undo button and try again.