Audio/MIDI multitrack recording software
Company policy:
  • Nothing we know about you will be shared with anyone.
  • We keep details of customers (name and address) on file, so we can find your license in case you need to have it resent in the future.
  • Customers will be notified of new versions via email. You can unsubscribe by replying to one of these messages.
  • Users of our iOS apps will be notified of updates via Apple's App Store. We know nothing about individual users.

Product details:

  • Our products do not 'phone home'.

Website details:

  • The site uses no 3rd party trackers.
  • Orders are processsed by Digital River GmbH (Share-it), their privacy policy is here.
  • Videos are hosted on YouTube, so they will know if you click a link to a video.
  • The user forum uses cookies, mostly to keep you logged in. There's an option to delete them.

Please contact if you have any concerns.