Audio/MIDI multitrack recording software
Manual : Quick Start: Recording a Song

Quick Start: Recording a Song

Note: after installing the program you can go to the Studio menu's Devices option to select the audio and MIDI devices you want to use.

Follow these steps to record a song and make a CD:

Step 1: Make new Song

Make a new (empty) Song using the Song->New menu option. A new (empty) folder is created automatically.

Step 2: Add Click Track (optional)

If you're recording a song from scratch you'll probably want to add a click track (metronome). Use the Add Track menu's Click Track option to do this. Note that you can tap the tempo on the space bar.

Step 3: Add audio or MIDI track

Add a Track with an empty audio or MIDI file using the Add Track menu. Use a mono audio file if you're recording a mono source like a microphone.

Step 4: Record the track

Click the track's Rec button. If you're recording audio a Recording Level Fader now appears at the top of the window (provided your sound device supports this). Alternatively you can click the Input button to get access to recording level controls.

Note: depending on the sound device there may be a dedicated software control panel or hardware knobs to set the recording level. Please refer to the sound device's manual.

Now you can start recording by starting the Transport. You will hear the Click Track, which was created in step 2, while recording. Stop the transport when you're done.

Step 5: Record more tracks

Add more tracks (using the Add Track menu) and record them (repeat step 3 and 4). You will hear the previously recorded tracks while recording a new one. At this stage it is quite common to add Reverb to vocal tracks using an Effect Return section.

Step 6: Mix down to master file

Now you can fine-tune the individual track's volume levels and add any effects. If your song sounds fine you can mix it down to a single .wav file using the Mix Down menu's Mix down to audio file option. This new file can be used for burning a CDR.

Note (Pro edition only): make sure it's a 16 bit stereo file if you want to burn it to CDR. CD burning software typically can't read 24 bit (or higher) files.

Step 7: Play back master file (optional)

Use the Mix Down menu's Playback mixed down file option to play back and verify the master file.

Step 8: Burn CDR

Now you can burn the file recorded in step 6 to a CDR using the software that came with your CD-writer.