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July 31, 2019
MultitrackStudio for iPad 3.5.1 released

July 19, 2019
MultitrackStudio 9.4 released

News : What's New in Version 5.1

New in MultitrackStudio 5.1

  1. Sidechaining for VST plugins
  2. New cycle option
  3. VistaSound driverset improvements
  4. AsioSnd driverset improvements
  5. Effect/instrument selector improvements
  6. Other

1. Sidechaining for VST plugins

VST effects having more than 2 inputs now get a Side Chain box just like the Dynamics/Compressor/NoiseGate effects. The second input pair receives the sidechain signal.

VST instruments having audio inputs also get a Side Chain box. You can now, for example, use vocal pitch correction plugins in an Instrument Slot and use the track's pianoroll to enter the correct notes. (Pro Plus edition only)

Some VST plugins come with a proprietary "sidechain input" plugin. The latter can now be loaded in the effect's "Sidechain Input" box to ensure correct behaviour on multiple-CPU machines. (Pro Plus edition only)

The outputs of multiple output VSTi plugins (the ones having an Output Mixer), can now be sidechain sources. You can use this to route the outputs of a drum plugin to multiple mixer tracks. (Pro Plus edition only)

2. New cycle option

There's a new cycle transport option called "Cycle selected part of focused track", which cycles the part that's selected in the focused track's editor.

3. VistaSound driverset improvements

The VistaSound driverset (for WASAPI drivers) now supports multichannel recording, and compatibility has been improved significantly.

4. AsioSnd driverset improvements

The AsioSnd driverset can now optionally use MMCSS (Multimedia Class Scheduler Service) on Windows Vista. This can help prevent glitches under high CPU load.

5. Effect/instrument selector improvements

The Effect/Instrument Selectors hide VST plugins which can't be used as effect/instrument respectively. They learn automatically.

DX plugins which aren't an instrument now appear in the Effect Selector only, and not in the Instrument Selector.

Search boxes now have 'clear' button.

6. Other

  • Effects loaded in an effect's Side Chain box can now use side chains as well (Pro Plus edition only).
  • Effects in a multiple output VSTi's output mixer can now use side chains (Pro Plus edition only).
  • "DMO" (DirectX Media Objects) effects are no longer supported because they cause too much trouble (version 5.0 dropped support on Vista already).
  • Drum editor: Select All button is now enabled even while individual notes are selected.
  • Voxengo Elephant VST plugin crashed.
  • Transport failed to start under certain (rare) sidechaining conditions on multiple-CPU machines (Pro Plus edition only).
  • Some older VST plugins which don't provide a GUI of themselves failed to update the knobs on loading a preset.
  • Song Templates: tracks could end up in wrong folder (Pro Plus edition only).
  • Level meters on effect windows could stop working while using Soft Monitoring when soundcard buffersize is low.
  • A track's "Alternate Take in new track" option now disengages the track's Play button.
  • A couple of other fixes.
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