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New in MultitrackStudio 8.1

  1. Microsoft Surface Pro support
  2. Other

Note: pictures may be from a later version

1. Microsoft Surface Pro support

MultitrackStudio 8.1 features several improvements to ensure it works great on a Microsoft Surface Pro.

MultitrackStudio running on Microsoft Surface Pro 3
MultitrackStudio running on Microsoft Surface Pro 3

'Pen with touch scrolling' mode

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 not only comes with multitouch, but with an active pen too. MultitrackStudio 8.1 has a 'Pen with touch scrolling' mode to make the most out of these features.

The 'Pen with touch scrolling' mode works with pen almost exclusively. You can use touch to scroll and zoom editors, to scroll the mixer sections vertically, to scroll lists and to play the onscreen MIDI keyboard. All other touch actions are ignored, so you can't tap something accidentally with the hand palm.
'Pen with touch scrolling' mode is great for MIDI editing because the pen is far more accurate than the touch screen. You can edit rapidly using the pen and navigate easily using touch.

A button is available in the main window for switching between pen and touch mode quickly. This button appears next to the Studio button.

Note: 'Pen with touch scrolling' mode requires Windows 8.1 or newer

Improved DPI scaling

'200 %' and '240 %' values have been added to Size box in the Preferences window, so the UI can be scaled large enough on high-DPI screens like the Surface Pro's.

There's also a new 'Auto (VST, ugly)' option which makes the program not dpi-aware so Windows scales the UI. This looks blurry, but VST plugins are scaled too, so it may come in handy if some of your plugins are too small on a high resolution display.

Improved touchscreen support

  • Semi-transparent 'Rewind' / 'To last start' hints appear on touching the transport counter box.
  • Time stretching in track editors.
  • Onscreen MIDI keyboard can be zoomed horizontally using two fingers on the bar at the top.
  • Pianoroll, score and audio editors can be zoomed vertically using two fingers on the editor itself (requires Windows 8 or newer).
  • Pianoroll: selected notes which are long enough get resize grip to move start of note (in addition to the one at the end of the note).
  • "Sticky add/draw modes (touch)" option in Preferences window.
  • Fixed: playing legato on the Chords onscreen keyboard was difficult.

2. Other

  • Improved transport cycling: overview bar remembers cycle region after transport stopped, transport menu features 'Set Cycle Start' and 'Set Cycle End' options which can also be invoked with the F7/F8 keys. Cycling can be started by clicking the start button while pressing the C key, or by pressing C+Space. With touchscreen (Windows) or pen you can press-and-hold the start button.
  • "Section Practice Mode" and "Set Cycle Start" Remote Control actions.
  • Punch-in recording: transport now automatically starts at least one bar before punch-in point (2 seconds if editor timescale isn't set to bars).
  • Matrix Sampler now displays the note to which the current cell responds.
  • Redesigned Tuner effect.
  • Tempo editor shows mixed version of tracks in background.
  • MultitrackStudio Instruments: use up/down arrow keys to step through instruments. With touchscreen (Windows) you can swipe up or down over the instrument box. Also works with the SoundFont Player presets (OS X).
  • MP3 importing: file sample rate will now be converted if it doesn't match the song's.
  • MIDI editors: tweaked graphics to make it easier to see which mode the editor is in.
  • Fixed: Issue with sending volume controllers (#7) to External MIDI Instruments.
  • Fixed (Mac): SoundFont Player ignored note-offs with certain soundfonts. You'll have to re-import these soundfonts.
  • Fixed (Mac): SoundFont Player ignored pitch bend range setting.
  • Fixed: Matrix Sampler's Volume knob settings weren't stored and recalled correctly.
  • Fixed: Pitch bend range messages are no longer being sent to Garritan 'CFX Concert Grand' VSTi (it conflicts with the plugin's stretch tuning controller #100).

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